Why swim with us?

We have many years of experience in professional sports and training. We can move you further.


Swimming is one of the healthiest physical activities and a great base for other sports. It is complex, trains muscles and cardio and does not strain the joints. In addition, as the only sport, it increases the capacity of your lungs and makes you a better runner.


We will make you swimming technique and style so that you don't bother in the water. We will teach you the economics of movement. You start swimming easily and effectively. The results will come soon without unnecessary hard work and endless hours in the pool.


Swimming alone is demonstrably harder and less effective. On the contrary, swimming in a group is naturally motivating. It is easier to overcome moments when it is not possible. Plus, you learn faster because you share valuable advice and experience.

Main advantages

Professional training

Based on experience from 25 years of professional experience and with the help of modern training methods, we can precisely set the form. We will move you further than you expect. You will discover planes within yourself that you may not have known about.

We are swimming with you

We do not task from the shore, because we know from practice how important and beneficial the view directly from the water is.

Small groups of swimmers and a clean pool

We train in small groups in the most modern swimming pool in Prague. There is a maximum of 6 swimmers in the path of the 25-meter pool.

Convenient booking

You can easily book swimming dates via the Reservanto application. Just top up your credit and start swimming. We swim in the most modern pool in Prague with Angel Eye technology. You only pay for what you really swim away.

Why train with us?

Our team



Jan Strangmuller is the founder of ROAD2KONA and the head coach. I have been training since 1998 and became a historically proverbial Czech who won his age category in Hawaii and also won the IRONMAN series race in KOREA. He is still an active racer, but mainly passes on his experience to other riders who race in triathlon.

Petr Šnábl

Běžecký trenér LEARN2RUN

Petr himself is an excellent athlete and athletic coach. His 2:47 time at the NY Marathon proves that he is a runner and that he understands running training. He will be in charge of running trainings, where he will pass on his experience with the improvement of running techniques, and you will also do running strengthening and circuit training under his guidance.



I like to surround myself with people who have achieved something in triathlon. Whether as athletes or as coaches. That is why I am very happy that our team will be strengthened by Jirka Jelínek, who was the coach of the Czech triathlon national team and also worked in the swimming national team for 13 years. In 1996, he was also named Coach of the Year. He himself is still an active triathlete and spinning rider.

Marek Moflár

Fitness trainer, masseur

Marek Moflár is a great heartbeat and motivator. Despite his visual impairment, he works 150% during training and competitions.

He conducts circular training and is also available as the team's main masseur.

Who we are?


You will really learn to swim with us, you will improve your form and results.
We will prepare the determined ones for the IRONMAN plant in Hawaii.

Our know-how is based on 25 years of experience and practice of the founder and main terrainman Jan Strangmuller, who is a former professional triathlete and winner of the Hawaiian Ironman. He is a graduate of TRAINING PEAKS ACADEMY and IRONMAN COACH CERTIFICATION.

Our trainings are different than normal. Because by what we do, we live.

“Thanks to various coaching guides in the Czech Republic and California, I tried many paths that led to the goal. Some were successful, others were not, but all were important to gain the experience to know how to prepare for Ironman races. I know what you may encounter in the race, so I know how best to prepare.

I purposefully focus each training according to the expectations and specific needs of my charges. In addition to experience, I also use modern training methods and technologies such as Garmin sports testers, watt meters and especially the TRAINING PEAKS application, where I can very easily monitor TSS training doses and the degree of ATL fatigue. Thanks to that, I plan the trainings so that each ward is in maximum shape on the day of the race. ”

Jan Strangmuller

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