Swimming analysis

Proper swimming technique is a basic prerequisite for improvement

The aim of the LEARN2SWIM swimming video analysis is to record current swimming equipment and use Dartfish software to detect errors in swimming technology and then work to eliminate these errors. Video analysis is suitable for beginners or performance level swimmers, in short, for anyone who wants to improve their swimming technique or swim faster and more economically in a race.

The analysis includes

  • video analysis of swimming techniques
  • video consultation
  • overall evaluation of the swimming style with recommendations for what to improve
  • results, including description in printed and electronic form
  • a package of 5 or 10 swimming trainings, where under the supervision of coaches they will work to improve the technique

Video analysis of swimming techniques

Rotate the swimmer in the water from several angles

  • Side view over water
  • Front view underwater
  • Underwater side view
  • View of a swimmer over the water
  • Analysis in the DARTFISH program

Video consultation

Analysis in the DARTFISH program

  • Analysis of swimming with the client
  • Analysis of swimmer errors and recommended corrective actions
  • Specific errors and instructions on how to eliminate them

Follow-up training

We will know exactly what to focus on for you and under the guidance of an experienced coach we will work together to improve

  • regular training hours - every weekday from 7-8am in the morning
  • VASATRANER available

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