Group running trainings in Prague

Why run with us?

We have experience - we focus on technique and running performance.

If you want to improve technique, endurance and speed, group training of runners and tritlonists is an ideal way to move on.

The trainings take place under the guidance of our experienced trainers every week:

TUESDAY - 18:30 - 20:00

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Petr Šnábl

Běžecký trenér LEARN2RUN

Petr himself is an excellent athlete and athletic coach. His 2:47 time at the NY Marathon proves that he is a runner and that he understands running training. He will be in charge of running trainings, where he will pass on his experience with the improvement of running techniques, and you will also do running strengthening and circuit training under his guidance.



Jan Strangmuller is the founder of ROAD2KONA and the head coach. I have been training since 1998 and became a historically proverbial Czech who won his age category in Hawaii and also won the IRONMAN series race in KOREA. He is still an active racer, but mainly passes on his experience to other riders who race in triathlon.

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